Investment Sectors

Castlepines Corporation’s investment strategy is principally focused on assets and infrastructure in the following key sectors:

Castlepines will consider investments outside these sectors provided they meet its investment criteria.

Mining and resources

Castlepines has an investment interest in mines and mining facilities. This includes in-ground mineral resources and operating mines. The investment interest also includes mining facilities such as processing plants, trans-shipment facilities such as coal loaders, gasification plants, steel mills, smelters, oil rigs and refineries, pipelines and railway infrastructure.

The Corporation’s interests also include water management infrastructure, such as water and wastewater treatment plants, pipelines, dams and desalination plants. Waste management facilities are also of interest, including recycling facilities.

Power generation and utilities

Castlepines’ interests in energy investments include conventional and renewable power generation assets, as well as transmission facilities. Conventional power plants such as coal and gas fired plants, as well as nuclear power are of interest to Castlepines. In the renewable energy area, Castlepines has an interest in power generated by wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, waste-to-energy and hydro-electric power plants.

Our investment interest extends to other public utilities and infrastructure, including water and waste management, and road and rail transport facilities.

Real estate and utilities

Castlepines is interested in a range of real estate investments outside the residential property area. This includes commercial and industrial buildings such as office blocks, hotels, warehouses and tourist developments. Castlepines also has an interest in investing in public buildings, utilities and infrastructure, including those owned by municipal councils. These buildings and utilities/infrastructure can be as diverse as school and university buildings, student accommodation, fire and police stations, and municipal and transport facilities.

Castlepines’ acquisition philosophy for commercial property is to identify opportunities available on a wide range of different markets where economic and market conditions suggest that property is not at the time the most appropriate or attractive investment medium. We are not concerned about adverse market conditions.

Castlepines is looking for a secure revenue base. In essence, our investment focus is on well-located assets with reliable revenue and strong builders, managers and tenants. The emphasis will remain on security of yield, then capital profit.

Shipping and marine

Castlepines investment interests in shipping and marine include:

  • Dry bulk, container and other cargo vessels;
  • Oil, LNG and LPG tankers and rigs;
  • Ferries and cruise ships; and
  • Port and related infrastructure.

Castlepines may be prepared to make available in advance all the capital required to permit the upgrade or replacement of vessels once or twice throughout the charter, so that the life and effectiveness is maintained until charter end.