Castlepines Global Equity will be the leading investor in Tunisia Economic City

London, UK – September 24th 2014 – Executives at Castlepines Global Equity announced today that the company will be the leading investor in Tunisia Economic City.

The company is an international equity fund that invests its own and partner equity in major infrastructure assets for secure, long-term yields. Castlepines is an investor, not a lender. It invests directly in certain projects and assets, taking a direct ownership interest. The firm generally takes no form of security over an asset, which normally means no mortgage, charge, loan or lien.
The concept of Tunisia Economic City is to build, in phases, a world class, integrated modern city in Enfedha, Tunisia, that will become an international hub connecting East and West, North and South for trade, cultural and educational exchange. This project will contribute to the formulation of the overall economic and future development map of the Tunisian Republic, and the wider region, with a new vision evolving from the region of new nations and the world affected by them.
Castlepines principally operates in mining and resources, power generation and utilities, real estate, and shipping and marine. It is a consortium of various private companies and trusts. Founded in Australia, it now also operates in Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Africa. The founding partner and CEO of Castlepines is David Grose.  Mr. Grose and the other directors of the company decide on Castlepines’ strategic direction and its major investment decisions such as Tunisia Economic City.
Unlike traditional project finance, characterized by long, expensive capital raising exercises to source equity and debt, Castlepines is a sole source of all the capital required to develop a project.  CEO Grose said, “We believe that the Tunisia Economic City project is well suited to our investment criteria and will benefit from our capacity to invest large sums of patient capital. It is well known that there is a vast amount of cash currently tied up in global pension funds. Despite the economic climate, pension funds are continuing to grow in size and seek more opportunities to receive reliable and steady incomes.”
Castlepines has developed a reputation for evaluating each project carefully and funds a project only when they are satisfied that it provides a clear economic benefit to the country in which the asset is located,  provides developmental opportunities to the local community and that it is also morally and environmentally sustainable.
The key to any Castlepines investment is ensuring that the return or coupon on the equity that partner pension funds have contributed is secure, date-certain and sum-certain for the full investment term, and that the payer is ‘investment grade’.